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Rebuilding the Temple Series
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Self-Image Renewal - 2 CD Set Self-Image Renewal - 2 CD Set Plus Bonus Material Self-Image Renewal - 2 CD Set - PLUS - Choose one additional Rebuilding the Temple™ Program Fitness Renewal
Our Price: $39.95
Our Price: $189.95
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Our Price: $39.95
Self Image Renewal Self Image Renewal Self Image Renewal Fitness Renewal
Eating Renewal Rebuilding the Temple CD Series
Our Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $89.95
Eating Renewal Rebuilding the Temple Cds
These programs deliver Biblical truth using a powerful accelerated learning method and the latest discoveries in sleep research.

We pray you’ll join the growing body of enthusiastic users and experience powerful and wonderful, life-changing results!

Each program uses carefully researched and designed, fully audible, scripted self-talk mixed over relaxing music, rain showers and ocean waves breaking on a shoreline to deliver scripturally based alternative thinking about a specific topic or area of life.

The programs affect long-term changes (better life results) by replacing errant or ineffective thoughts with accurate and effective replacements.

The programs are NOT magic, nor do they use hypnosis, subliminal suggestion, brainwashing, or any questionable mental trickery.  

And boy do they work!

If you’re at all like most of our customers, you’ll begin to notice subtle changes in the way you think about eating and fitness almost immediately.  

You’ll find yourself not only thinking about and wanting to eat good things and exercise – you’ll find yourself acting on those thoughts!

You may notice a little mental discomfort as your conscious and subconscious begin to reconcile what the scripts say and what you’ve habitually thought or done.  Not to worry.  This is perfectly natural and proves the fact that the process works.

To get the most from your Mental Renewal programs, listen to them as often as you’re able.  Repetition builds habits and new habits are what you’re after.  The more you listen to them, the more firmly the scripts anchor themselves into your thinking habits.

For best results, pick a time when you’ve got about 45 minutes of uninterrupted time.  Choose a quiet spot, get comfortable, relax, and then listen to a wind down track and one of the subject matter tracks.  You may want to do this as you tuck yourself in for the night.

To accelerate desired changes, pick two or three of the most meaningful (to you) statements from a program and manually write them out on cards each morning for a week.  

Do the same things again each night before you go to sleep.  Then pick new statements each week and repeat the process UNTIL the desired behavior and results become habit.

You’ll be amazed at the results!

Each CD contains five tracks:
1.    A wind down track (Relax),
2.    A subject matter track (Release)
3.    Another wind down track (Renew)
4.    Another subject matter track (Rebuild)
5.    A thank you message (Blessings)

We precede each subject matter track with a wind down track to help slow your mind down so that it may acquire and anchor new information most effectively.

Recent research suggests relaxing your mind and body speeds your ability to learn and accept new ideas.  

Some clients report falling asleep while listening to the audios.  This is normal, predictable, and quite desirable for some.  

Others (people like me; for example), go wide-awake as they listen and scrutinize every word to be sure no snuck any hooey into the programs.  They continue to do this until they're satisfied everything on the program’s legitimate, unassailable and built on truth.  

Then they fall asleep too.

The jury’s out on whether you do or don’t, can or can’t learn while you’re deeply asleep.  

But it doesn’t matter.  Repetition does its work over time.  

What you do hear before you drift into deep sleep goes right to work.  What you don’t hear during one listen, you’ll pick up another time.

Slowly but surely your mind rewires itself from its old way of thinking and doing to a new way of thinking and doing.  You progress backward in your old thinking and behaviors from unconscious competence (habit) to conscious rejection (practiced) to unconscious rejection (skilled) and then forward from unconscious incompetence (you didn’t know what you didn’t know) to conscious incompetence (you know there’s a better way of thinking and doing) to conscious competence (practiced behavior) to unconscious competence (habit) again.

Ou la – Permanent change!

A word of caution - Because the tracks soothe so effectively, please don’t listen to them while you’re driving.  O for that matter - doing anything that requires your full attention.  Especially the wind down portions of the programs!  

It won’t hurt to listen to them in your car – just understand their affect on you BEFORE you give it a try.