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Mental Renewal takes Paul's injunction to "transform yourselves by the renewing of your minds" to heart and and gives it legs and wings.
GoalMind Mental Renewal  
Built over soothing music, naturally relaxing ocean waves and occasional spring rain showers, GoalMind Mental Renewal translates scripture and Biblical principles into first person self-talk using an accelerated mental conditioning process practiced by advanced educators worldwide.

GoalMind Mental Renewal Audio programs offer a safe, easy and effective way to put healthy thinking into the forefront of your mind's eye as you relax or go to sleep.

The more often you listen, the more quickly and easily you develop the healthy habits you've struggled to achieve in the past.

The premier offering in the Mental Renewal category of Christian Life Management Audio Programs, WK2B's Rebuilding the Temple Series addresses eating, fitness and self image from a scriptural point of view.

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Goalmind Plus Coach
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Self Image Renewal CDs Plus Bonus Material
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Self Image Renewal CDs
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Fitness Renewal CD
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Self Image Renewal CDs PLUS Bonus CD
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Eating Renewal CD
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